Alexander Debenham ‏‏‏Cahiz

Senior Project Manager in Zürich, Switzerland

Alexander Debenham ‏‏‏Cahiz

Senior Project Manager in Zürich, Switzerland

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My name is Alex and I am a Futurist.

If you were to ask me what I would be busy doing if money were no object, I would tell you it would be writing and researching exponential technologies. My career has taken me on an amazing journey of roles and companies, but the theme that connects them together is creating and publishing media related to technology.

My collective experiences and underlying passion lead me to my latest project: The Rubicon. A consultancy helping companies chart a course into the future. Emerging technologies are exciting, especially for geeks like me, but often it is hard to see how they will impact our day to day lives. At The Rubicon, we dive into these topics to build mental models and understand how things like Blockchain, AI, Augmented Reality, Quantum Computing, and Genetic Engineering will impact your life and your career.

I am always open to new and exciting opportunities so please contact me anytime!


Working and traveling across 60 countries, living on 4 continents and working out of coffee shops and co-working spaces, Alex is a digital nomad through and through. His passions include his never-ending quest to chart the future of humanity, experiencing as many countries and cultures as he can, spending time with family, friends and his corgis, cooking for others, and succumbing to his addiction to noodles and pizza.

His work experience includes:

- Founder of The Rubicon

- Director & Lead Analyst at The Singularity Group AG

- Media Specialist for TEDxZurich

- Community Content Associate at Appway AG

- Product Marketing Manager at Pipemetrics SA

- PR/Marketing Manager at

- Contract Video Editor for

- Creative Director & Videographer for StartupWorld

- Social Media Manager for

- Communications Assistant at
Baxter Healthcare Asia

- Internal Communications Assistant at
IBM Europe

  • Work
    • Credit Suisse AG
  • Education
    • Hult International Business School, Shanghai
    • Lesley University
    • Rochester Institute of Technology
    • MIT Sloane School of Management
What clients say about me
Alex’s view on the development of AI is far-reaching. He paints a precise picture of the challenges and promising opportunities humanity will experience at the same time. His presentation skills really take you on a journey, where you as an audience are informed on all aspects in a very playful and visibly attractive way. When Alex gave his presentation to our diverse, international audience of the Dutch Business Round Table in Zurich, they were fascinated from the first to the last second.
We had Alex over for a talk with selected bachelor & master students. The talk was a special treat for their engagement as teaching assistants in the prior term. And that idea worked out — Alex provided them with an energizing, informative, & motivating view of the future, especially regarding opportunities in the future labor market. The students particularly appreciated the notion that Alex combined the emphasis of technological developments with a focus on the continuing relevance.
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